You are scared to tell about your dreams and reveries, let alone reality. You think you are safe as long as you are quiet, as long as you are invisible, hidden under lock and key. Yet you can only break away from the aged pain when you tell and mourn. That sinister grief moired in your otherwise incorrigible heart.

Let the secrets of the mirrors on which you secretly watch yourself pour out one by one. Let the glass shatter in its own secret, let all the truths of yesterday smash. Let the poison to exude, blood to be cleaned, time to find its course. You are only the passenger of truth in this breath. Don’t assume you are powerless to tread this eerie path. Don’t forget, you are only so exhausted because you have been quiet.

Now, put to sleep the hands of the clock where they broke your heart, forget the ruthless promises of the past, and shriek out so that all the vows of silence become tainted. Let all be told now.

Pilar, who arrives in Istanbul to find her missing husband, begins to track him among people she doesn’t know in a city that is foreign to her. However, the signs that her husband Eyüp left behind in his dream journal carries Pilar into a bizarre story in which waking dreams mix into reality over time. Now, it is time for all that has been secret to be uncloaked.

An unsettling novel on dreams, truths, secrets and quiet people by Nermin Yıldırım…

Published in English by Anthem Press in 2020:

Secret Dreams in Istanbul, Anthem Cosmopolis Writings (Translation by Ümit Hussein)