pagecover_b15f2804-6fa7-41b2-a939-bd09dcd5ba69Born in 1980, Turkish author. She graduated from Eskisehir Anatolian University Faculty of Communication Sciences Press Department. After her graduation she worked as a journalist, editor and columnist for various newspapers and magazines, and as a copywriter for advertisement agencies.

She has taken part in international literature projects like Manchester Letters, Tramline Project and carried out joint works with writers from different countries. In winter 2013 she went to Cologne as the first Turkish writer invited by the Cologne Culture Department as a part of the program where various writers from different countries were hosted. Yıldırım, whose novels have been translated into various languages and has taken part in several literature festivals lives between Istanbul and Barcelona. Since 2013 she writes in her column called “International Lines” in the Ot Magazine. Nermin Yıldırım is a member of PEN Turkey.

Novels written by Nermin Yıldırım are generally based on social and individual memories.

In her first novel, ‘The Forget-Me-Not-Building”, she tells the story of Turkey’s last 50 years through the character and voice of Süreyya, as she hears her mother’s voice on the telephone for the first time in many years.

At the center of her second novel, “Secret Dreams in Istanbul”, a dark family history of secrets is portrayed.

In her third novel, ‘The Map of Secret Gardens”, the reader is invited to travel through a map of the Depression, reading letters from 1930-60.

In her fourth novel, “Forgetting Lessons’, she describes, with irony and sarcasm, the misery and struggle of a contemporary person, through the story of a woman who suffers from love, and receives lessons from the ‘History Destruction Center’.

Yıldırım constructs her novels around the similarity found between souls existent in places and in individuals.

Home (2020, hep kitap)
The Guest (2018, hep kitap)
Without a Touch (2017, hep kitap)
Forgetting Lessons (2015, Doğan Egmont publishing house)
The Map of Secret Gardens (2013, Doğan Egmont publishing house)
Secret Dreams in Istanbul (2012, Doğan Egmont publishing house – 2020, published in English by Anthem Press – Anthem Cosmopolis Writings)
The Forget-Me-Not Building (2011, Doğan Egmont publishing house)

Story anthologies she has taken part in:
Between women – With her story “Narin, I am here” (Editor: Murathan Mungan, Metis Publishing house, 2014)
Setting of from the tory – With her story “Black stone” (Editor: Remzi Karabulut, Aylak Adam, 2014)
Gezi – With her story “Diary of the mother” (Editor: Sabine Adatepe, Binooki, 2014, Germany)
Snow covered the traces – With her story “Red snow” (Editor: : İlknur Özdemir, Kırmızı Kedi publishin house, 2012)


14th of December 2016, Wednesday Sofia/Bulgaria


Sofia Literature Festival
Moderator: Olya Stoyanova.

Date & Time: 14 Aralık, 17:00
Place: National Palace of Culture


November 20th 2016, Sunday India / Mumbai


Reality show: What happens when fact and fiction collide
Participants: Carlo Pizzati, Nermin Yıldırım, Simon Choa-Johnston Chair: Raghu Karnad.

Date & Time: November 20th, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Venue: Prithvi House

November 19th 2016, Saturday India / Mumbai


Self-inflicted cuts when the censor is inside you.
Participants: Carlos Gamerro, Frank Moorhouse, Nermin Yıldırım Chair: Tishani Doshi

Date & Time: November 19th, 5pm – 6pm
Venue: Experimental theatre, NCPA

July 2nd 2016 Korea / Seoul

Reading & talk

Place: Asian Literature Creative Workshop

July 1st 2016 Korea / Seoul

Reading & talk

Place: Asian Literature Creative Workshop

11 May Wednesday 2016 Istanbul

Talk İTEF ( with Keith Ridgway, Erlend Loe and Michela Murgia )

Place: KargART Hour: 19:00

8 May Sunday 2016 İstanbul

Talk & debate İTEF (with Hakan Bıçakcı, Seray Şahiner, Sinan Sülün and Nurhak Kaya)

Place: Beyoğlu Municipality Hour:18:00

7 May Saturday 2016 Eskişehir

Book signing with Ot Magazin team

Place: Eskişehir Book Fair

21 April Thursday 2016 India / New Delhi

Reading & talk (with Gül İrepoğlu, Tuna Kiremitçi and Gürsel Korat)

Place: Oxford Bookstore  Hour: 18:00

18 December 2015 İstanbul 

“Focused Author” Lecture

Place: MSGSÜ Bomonti Campus Hour: 15:30 

30 April Saturday 2016 Germany / Essen

Talk (with Hakan Günday and Tarık Tufan)

Place: Ruhr Book Fair Hour: 19:30

16 March 2016 Wednesday Germany / Gütersloh

Reading & talk

Place: Gütersloh Library Hour: 20:00

27 February 2016 Serbia / Belgrad

Reading & talk

Place: Yunus Emre Cultural Centre Hour: 18:00

9 February 2016 Adana 

Book signing with Ot Magazin Team

Place: TÜYAP Çukurova Book Fair Hour: 15:00

19 December 2015 Ankara

Reading & talk

Place: CerModern Hour:14:30

5 December 2015 Saturday Denizli 

Book signing with OT Magazine team

Place: Halikarnas Culture Center Hour: 15:00

2 December 2015 Wednesday İstanbul

Talk & reading

Place: Kargart Hour: 20:30 

22 November 2015 Sunday Ankara

Ankara Theatre Festival, a musical story read with Ercan Kesal

Place: Farabi Scene Hour: 20:00

17 October 2015 Saturday China / Shanghai

Talk & reading

Place: The Shanghai Writers Association Hour: 14:00

21 September 2015 Monday China / Shanghai 


Place:  Fudan University Hour: 17:00